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One SKY Premium 2199

Up to 16Mbps Unlimited Broadband with HD Cable TV. Plus 4G Pocket WiFi with 1Gb monthly data allowance.


Connection Type: broadband

Product Features:

  • Up to 16Mbps Unlimited Broadband
  • with HD Cable TV
  • Mobile Internet: 1GB data allowance (SKYmobi LTE Pocket WiFi in Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao, 4G Pocket WiFi in Cavite, Laguna and Baguio)
  • FREE SKY On Demand access*
  • HBO Go access for only P99/month
*Includes access to local ABS-CBN TV shows and ABS-CBN channels, live TV and catch-up VOD. Subscribers can enjoy access to local and foreign movies and full season shows for 60 days upon first log-in.


Lock-in period of 2 years. Pre-termination fee applies. All plans come with FREE wifi modem and SOD box (Metro Manila) or HD digibox (Cavite, Laguna, Baguio, Cebu and Davao)


P 2,199.00/mo.

One time installation fee of P2,499 in Metro Manila, P2,299 in Cebu and Davao, inclusive of P500 one-time charge for LTE pocket wifi device, and P1,799 in Cavite, Laguna and Baguio.


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